Monroe College's Bronx campus is an ideal urban campus located in the bustling Fordham section.

New Rochelle

Located in downtown New Rochelle, the Monroe College New Rochelle campus is nestled in a diverse, thriving suburban community in Westchester County.

St. Lucia

Located on the Vide Boutielle Highway, Monroe College’s St. Lucia campus offers a practical education designed to give students a competitive edge in the workplace.

  • Responding to a Sexual Offense

    Your safety and well-being are of paramount importance. Monroe College’s Title IX staff, Counseling Services, and Student Services offices are here to help you get the continued support you need. Do not blame yourself; sexual assault is never a victim’s fault. Survivors of sexual assault are encouraged to take the following actions immediately: 

    1. Go to a safe place as soon as possible 
      Your safety is our highest priority. If you do not feel safe on campus, contact the Department of Public Safety at 914-740-6854 (New Rochelle Campus) or 646-393-8495 (Bronx Campus). If you are off campus, dial your local police at 911. You may also contact the WestCOP, Inc. Victim’s Assistance Rape Crisis hotline at 1-855-827-2255 or Safe Horizon’s Rape and Sexual Assault hotline at 212-227-3000.  

    2. Seek medical attention 
      If you are in need of medical attention, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 914-740-6854 (New Rochelle Campus); 646-393-8495 (Bronx Campus) to be transported to the hospital or dial 911. You may also contact the WestCOP, Inc. Victim’s Assistance Rape Crisis hotline at 1-855-827-2255, Safe Horizon’s Rape and Sexual Assault hotline at 212-227-3000, or the Westchester Medical Center’s Forensic Acute Care Team at 1-866-468-6962. 

    3. Reach out for support 
      We are here to support you. If you need academic support after the alleged sexual offense, please contact the Office of Student Services at 914-740-6420 (New Rochelle Campus) or 646-393-8777 (Bronx Campus). If you wish to receive counseling or need help finding an appropriate counselor, please contact our Counseling Services Office at 646-393-8442 (Tuesday: 11am-5pm, Thursday: 9am-3pm). You may also contact the WestCOP, Inc. Victim’s Assistance Rape Crisis hotline at 1-855-827-2255, Safe Horizon’s Rape and Sexual Assault hotline at 212-227-3000. For more information on services and support, refer to the Resource and Services Guide

    4. Consider collecting evidence
      It is recommended that you do not wash or change clothing, sheets, towels, etc. to preserve any evidence to use in an investigation. It is recommended that you do not shower, bathe, douche, brush your teeth, use mouthwash, comb your hair, etc. until after a medical professional, preferably a Forensic Acute Care Team, examines you to help retain evidence. If you decide to seek medical attention, it is best to do so within 72 of the assault to preserve evidence.
      • Note: you are not obligated to press charges just because you consent to a collection of forensic evidence; however, this evidence is important should you later decide to prosecute. The Department of Public Safety or Police will provide transportation if necessary. Make sure to bring a full change of clothing, because the clothes you wore at the time of the incident might be kept as evidence.
      • Note: sexual assault forensic exams are free and confidential regardless of medical coverage. 
    5. You have options 
      You do not need to pursue any action until you have decided which option is best for you. You may work with Monroe College to come to a resolution, you may initiate criminal proceedings and/or you may initiative a civil process against the perpetrator. Students that decide to work with Monroe College to investigate and resolve the incident should contact their campus Title IX Coordinator: New Rochelle Campus- Paula Green, 914-740-6612; Bronx Campus- Jeannette Makodila, Bronx Campus: 646-393-8547; Employees should contact Human Resources, Kerry McLaughlin, 646-393-8306, to help with the investigation and resolution. If you decide to move forward with a criminal investigation, please contact the Department of Public Safety and/or your local police where the incident occurred. If you would like someone to accompany you to make the report, please contact your Title IX Coordinator.

    Reporting an Incident:

    incident report form

    Any individual who believes they are a victim of sexual assault, discrimination or harassment has the right to pursue more than one of the reporting options below simultaneously, or can choose not to participate in any of the options below:

    • To confidentially disclose the incident to one of the following, who by law may maintain confidentiality, and can assist in obtaining services:


    • Counseling Services: 646-393-8442

    Off-Campus New Rochelle Services:

    • Westchester Hispanic Coalition Prevention Program: Hotline: 1-844-926-6627
    • Family Ties of Westchester: 914-964-2063
    • WestCOP, Inc Victims Assistance: Hotline: 855-827-225
    • Westchester District Attorney’s Office: 914-813-5800

    Off-Campus Bronx Services:

    • Safe Horizon’s Rape and Sexual Assault Hotline: 212-227-3000
    • Bronx District Attorney’s Office Crime Victim’s Assistance: 718-590-2114

      (Note: the hotlines listed above are for crisis intervention, resources, and referrals, and are not reporting mechanisms) 

    • To disclose the incident to one of the following college officials who can offer privacy and information about remedies, accommodations, evidence preservation, and how to obtain resources. Those officials will also provide the information contained in the Students’ Bill of Rights. These college officials will disclose that they are private and not confidential resources, and they may still be required by law and college policy to inform one or more college officials about the incident, including but not limited to the Title IX Coordinator.

    • Title IX Coordinators: 
      • Department of Public Safety- available 24/7
        • New Rochelle Campus: 914-740-6854
        • Bronx Campus: 646-393-8495
      • To file a criminal complaint with local law enforcement
        • New York State Police Sexual Assault Victims Unit: 631-756-3358
        • New York State Police: Hotline: 1-844-845-7269
        • New Rochelle Police Department: 1-844-845-7269
        • NYPD 52nd Precinct, Bronx: 718-220-5857
      • When the accused is an employee, a reporting individual may also report the incident to Monroe College’s Human Resources Department or may request that one of the above referenced confidential or private employees to assist in reporting to Human Resources. Disciplinary proceedings will be conducted in accordance with the College’s Policies and Procedures. When the accused is an employee of an affiliated entity or vendor of the college, college officials will, at the request of the reporting individual, assist in reporting to the appropriate office of the vendor or affiliated entity and, if the response of the vendor or affiliated entity is not sufficient, assist in obtaining a persona non grata letter, subject to legal requirements and college policy.
      • Human Resources Department
      • Note: You may withdraw your complaint or involvement from Monroe College’s process at any time. Monroe College may continue the investigation process to ensure safety within the college community even if your participation in the investigation is withdrawn. 

        For more information regarding on and off campus resources, please refer to the Resource and Services Guide.

    Flowchart of Investigative Process